IntElevate powered by Kangaroo

Unparalleled combination of affordability, simplicity and security for everyone.

Siren + Keypad

Smoke/ CO listener

+85dB intruder alarm

+Keypad & guest access

The Siren + Keypad turns an otherwise silent system into an audible household alert, triggered whenever your sensors are. It also allows for physical arming and disarming and quick one-tap access with Roo Tags.

85 dB loud siren scares away any intruder. Listens and alerts you if a Smoke/CO detector goes off too.

Video Doorbell + Chime

Wired or battery optional video camera with advanced detection.

Get a notification when your doorbell rings or motion is detected. Then catch the event live in-app or review the recorded video later. 1080p video, advanced person detection and more. Chime included.

Wired or battery, your choice.


IntElevate temperature
control for home comfort

Water + Climate Sensor

Flood/ Leak detection

+Freeze/ temperature alerts

+Humidity/ mold alerts

The Water + Climate Sensor monitors for temperature, humidity, and water leaks. Readings will update hourly, but when it senses trouble, an immediate alert is sent to your phone. Frozen pipes, mold in the basement, leaking water heater? All covered with a single device.

Triple function. No hub required.

Works on AA batteries.

Indoor + Outdoor Cam

Fully loaded security camera with indoor + outdoor capabilities, motion and sound detection.

Secure your home inside and out with Indoor + Outdoor Cam. Using a host of security features including 1080p livestream video, motion triggered recordings, security alerts, two-way audio, person detection and more, this compact camera packs a big punch.

Motion + Entry Sensor

Detects motion activity + open/close

Keep tabs on all your doors, windows and hallways. The Motion + Entry Sensor sends an alert directly to your phone when a guest, invited or not, enters your home. Use motion only, entry only, or both motion & entry.

Dual function. No hub required.

Runs on AA batteries.

Elevate your home comfort to new heights

Elevate your home comfort to new heights