Submetering operates through the following process:


The responsibility for utility expenses transitions from a shared meter in a common area to dedicated meters installed in each individual unit.


Unit owners or tenants are granted direct control over monitoring and regulating their own usage.


This system promotes desirable tenant conduct by assigning costs based on the energy consumed by each individual, fostering a sense of accountability and encouraging energy-conscious behavior.

Advantages of submetering for building owners and property managers:

Enhanced Accessibility:

Smart submetering systems provide valuable insights into electrical and water consumption. By leveraging advanced communication channels, data can be accessed promptly, enabling faster and more informed decision-making. Moreover, the level of control offered to property managers and building owners can be tailored to meet specific requirements, allowing for scalability.

Control Leads to Savings:

Submetering empowers individual unit owners or tenants by transferring the responsibility for utility expenses from the building’s common area. This shift in control promotes responsible management of energy, water, and gas usage, enabling individuals to actively reduce their costs and take ownership of their consumption. The result is potential savings for both building owners and tenants.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

Access to comprehensive data is invaluable. It enables more informed and intelligent decision-making, whether for capital projects or analyzing individual hydro, water, and gas usage. Additionally, submetering facilitates measurement and verification projects, aiding in showcasing the return on investment (ROI) of other energy-efficient initiatives.

Improved Accuracy:

Gone are the days of estimating utility usage based on square footage or worrying about paying for a neighbor’s consumption. Smart metering solutions enable precise metering and monitoring, down to the individual circuit level. This accuracy ensures fair and accurate allocation of utility costs, enhancing transparency and reducing discrepancies. Elevate also offer meters specifically designed for various measurement and verification projects, further supporting the demonstration of ROI on other energy-efficient endeavors.

Enhance Your Property's Value and Efficiency with Our Metering Solutions


Optimizing your condominium’s maintenance fees and resale values is possible with the right metering solution. Gain greater control over your operating budget while empowering owners to monitor their own usage and reduce consumption. Whether you need assistance with reviewing bylaws, coordinating owner’s meetings, communicating with owners and property managers, or budgeting common areas versus individual expenses, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise spans retrofitting existing properties or implementing metering systems for new construction projects, guiding you through the entire process from design to implementation.

Apartment Buildings:

Concerned about rising utility costs and potential tenant misuse of resources? Our electric and water meters offer a comprehensive solution that grants you greater control over expenses. By billing consumers individually based on their actual usage, you can ensure fair and accurate allocation of costs. Smart metering solutions enable apartment building managers to reduce expenses while empowering end customers to monitor and manage their own consumption effectively.


Preparing for new tenants or seeking ways to reduce Common Area Maintenance (CAM) expenses? At SMS, we understand that the journey doesn’t end once the meters are installed. We are committed to ensuring that you maximize the benefits of your submetering solution. Our approach ensures that usage is accurately billed to the respective owners, eliminating discrepancies caused by neighboring units. Leveraging technological advancements and strategic partnerships, we offer additional features such as leak detection and access to previously unavailable data, enhancing the overall value of our metering solutions in the commercial sector.

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