Solar Panels

Solar Ready Homes

A solar-ready home refers to a residence that has been specifically designed and primed for a future solar power installation.

Constructing a solar-powered home involves making a few simple adjustments to standard building practices. These adjustments include performing a solar rough-in, optimizing roof areas to maximize solar energy generation, and ensuring an aesthetically pleasing appearance for the solar array.

For more information, Natural Resources Canada has produced a set of solar-ready technical guidelines.

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Why mySolar
As a premium solar company, we are known for our high-quality products and reliable performance. By partnering with mySolar, builders can ensure that the solar panels installed in their projects meet the highest standards and are built to last.

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Solar-Ready Benefits

Save Money

Making your home solar ready is cost-effective when incorporated into the planning and design stage of the building process. By avoiding afterthoughts, which can be costly in contracting services, the steps to prepare your home for solar energy become more affordable.

Optimized Design Aesthetics

Designing a house with integrated solar panels creates an appealing look. Uniform shapes and larger arrays enhance aesthetics, though obstacles like gables and vents may limit array size. Concealing exterior cabling behind walls during roughing in ensures a clean finish. If a uniform face isn’t possible, we minimize cabling and align panels to match the shape closely.

Better Performance

Building a home for solar panels maximizes system output through simple adjustments. Optimizing the tilt and azimuth can greatly increase solar energy gains. Modifying roof faces is also impactful, considering factors like gables, dormers, and ridge lines that affect available solar area.

Prepare for the Future

Preparing your home in advance for solar is a wise decision, even if you don’t want it immediately. With advancing technology and decreasing prices, you can easily install solar in the future. Adequate planning and a solar rough-in avoid wall penetrations, minimizing aesthetic concerns and envelope risks. Moreover, a solar-ready home increases value and appeal when selling in the future.

Let us help you build your solar home

Let us help you build your solar home